Doctor Who Christmas Special

This year (lucky) folks in the US get to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Day just like the Brits. I took advantage of my virtual proximity to Cardiff to watch it on the BBC iPlayer with the family several hours before it airs on BBC America (a station I don’t get). Michael Gambon (Dumbledore)’s performance of a sort of Scrooge character in this episode even made me forget (for a little while) my disappointment that Netflix doesn’t have the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol in instant play.

Doctor Who missing episodes

I haven’t been writing all that much of late, partially because of RL (real life) responsibilities, but also because I’ve been spending a lot of free time watching old Doctor Who episodes. My mom was the real Doctor Who fan and has most of the episodes that aired on PBS here in the states on a zillion video tapes, but after I watched the last four seasons of the reprised Doctor Who I’ve gotten more interested in seeing the old episodes again. Growing up, most of the kids my age were familiar with only one of the Doctors (Tom Baker), and to them he was and is the one, the only, the quintessential Doctor (the genuine article!) – but in my house it was all about Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee.

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New Dr. Who!

When a friend at work mentioned that there was a new Dr. Who coming out, I shrugged and said I knew about it. I had been following the animated releases on BBC (although I hadn’t watched them all – flash is not fluid enough for my taste – I prefer real animation). I knew the BBC was working on a new live series – but I didn’t think I had already missed any episodes. Vistiting the BBC site, this page, at first seemed to suggest that only a “making of” programme had aired on March 26th, but after a quick check of the BBC message boards – people chatting there are talking like the first program aired! How did I miss it?! Oh, well, I’m on the wrong side of the pond anyway – if anyone can find an mpg of it please let me know!
I was never much of a Dr. Who fan. My mom was really big into the show and had dutifully taped most of the episodes – and since we never had cable or satellite, the tapes are not very good quality. More recently, some of the old shows have been released on DVD, I’m not sure if they ever released them all or not, but owning them all that way is an expensive proposition. You don’t see Dr. Who on TV anymore – unless I’m missing them late at night (I go to bed pretty early). If I am, please let me know so I can record them 🙂

I’m pretty excited about the new Dr. Who though, and I’ll post more about it as I find out more!