Blogging like its 1999

Why I do not use Bing or Yahoo for search

paid malware adverts served up by tech giants we're supposed to trust?

Illegals have no rights!

why people in the US illegally have (at least some) Constitutional rights and why those who claim they don't (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity) are wrong.

In Memory of Rich Conaty

in memory of a man who kept the music of the early 20th century alive

A Musical Christmas Card to you

a quick little ensemble brings you some Joy at Christmas

Windows 10 Express Spying Settings

The Last of the Magicians

the strange story of a rocket scientist who dabbled in the occult

Yes, Presidents are exempt from conflict of interest laws

Rudy Giuliani made the claim on Nov 13th, 2016 in CNN's State of the Union show and Politifact rates is true

The Apple upgrade mill rings the juice out of me

Windows 7 updates stuck

Comey is a backdoor man