Blogging like its 1999

Fake accounts on social media

no matter what side you're on, you need to understand this

The myth that iOS is easier to use

or how people tend to like things they are already used to.

Virtualbox in Win7 bridged network no adapter

just some notes on getting it working

Can the President pardon himself?

some relevant quotes

One year with my ASUS C201 Chromebook

Bought on a whim, this tiny chromebook quickly became my go-to device mainly because it was light, turns on immediately, and I could get 90% of my work done on it.

The Pink Palace was torn down

a dorm I stayed in for two summers is torn down and I strangely feel remorseful over it.

Delaying Obama's supreme court nominee is without precedent

Republican legislators successfully rigged the supreme court

Hold music from an old android

a DIY hold music solution using an old tablet that was laying around

Slow wifi with Intel 7265 iwlwifi on Arch

my notes from struggling with this chip transformed into a blog post

Why I do not use Bing or Yahoo for search

paid malware adverts served up by tech giants we're supposed to trust?