Blogging like its 1999

Who was going to pay for that wall again?

despite a year of chanting that Mexico was going to pay for it

Disrespecting the flag

oh, the irony.

Trump wants stricter libel laws

which reminds me of the Alien and Sedition Acts

Nor'easter blows through

I watch it roll in on my old barometer

Starfleet Order 104: Section C

a timely reminder

Russian Ads on Facebook in 2016

how many did you see, like, and share?

Social media is ripping apart society

when social media execs start saying this you should probably listen

Yahoo sues Mozilla

and that's just another reason to hate Yahoo

Firefox 55+ crashing on armv7

Firefox Quantum considers arm devices second class citizens

adding markdown syntax highlighting to notepad++

Strange as it seems, markdown isn't one of the languages that notepad++ recognizes. Here's how you can add it.