Blogging like its 1999

Convert .GHO to .VDI for use in Virtualbox in Win7

My notes on the steps I took to convert a Ghost image into a file I could run in Virtualbox

Brown Bess Musket

The main weapon during the American Revolution

Face of first Brit revealed

the surprising face of stone age Briton

Russians are still meddling

and we better start doing something about it soon

Linux is used for making movies

...and not just movies you've never heard of either

Lying like we've never seen before

Violating the accepted norms of social behavior

Who was going to pay for that wall again?

despite a year of chanting that Mexico was going to pay for it

Disrespecting the flag

oh, the irony.

Trump wants stricter libel laws

which reminds me of the Alien and Sedition Acts