Jon Stewart slashes wrist onscreen

Posted on2011-06-08 21:35

backstory: turns out John Stewart shared a house in college with Rep. Weiner. Weiner's been on Stewart's show in the past (and he was great btw). When Weiner's story first breaks Jon Stewart has a dilemma - he's close personal friends with Anthony Weiner, but he's also a sarcastic satirist of political news and will be expected to man up and go after Weiner. He runs with the gag that it couldn't possibly be Rep. Weiner because the picture (which keeps flashing onscreen at appropriate times) is far more impressive than the reality. Not that funny, and not a serious attack. When news breaks that Weiner had sent the photos himself, Stewart needs to "mea culpa" and quick. During the gag that he sets up, a hastily thrown together mock press conference, at one point (after he removes the cup from the mixer) he somehow, apparently, cuts his wrist (offscreen) and is bleeding. John Oliver comes on soon thereafter and mentioning the cut, launches into a tirade that has to be seen in context to be appreciated.