Bardic Circle - Samhain, MMXI

Sport and Cate Moran help me carry on without Tim

We started playing out at various venues, including AOH halls (Ancient Order of Hibernians, an Irish social organization), St Patty's Day and Half-way to St Patty's Day gigs, fundraisers, sessions, medieval events, and house parties. Tim created a website for us: which is no longer active as of 2019.

We took more pains to create better recordings, and even made a video of one of Tim's songs, Into The Drink which can be found below. Cate switched to mandolin from guitar during this period and started to take the vocal lead on some songs. She wasn't very happy with this CD, but it marks the last recordings we did with Tim before he left to go back to school and for that, its definitely special - good memories here.

01  Riff Raff (by Casey Neill)
02  Faellons Cellar (by Tim Cole)
03  Ride On (by Christy Moore)
04  Mermaid
05  42 Pound Cheque
06  Sloop John B (by the Beach Boys)
07  Into The Drink (by Tim Cole)
08  All For Me Grog
09  Holy Ground
10  Greenland Whale Fisheries
11  Whiskey Youre the Devil
12  Time Travellers (talking in the studio with Tim)
13  Leaving Nancy
14  Here's A Health