Looking For Me

I'm done screaming

By 1998 it was rare that I got to spend much time with Todd and Ned any more. Shortly after Ralph, Todd was permanently living in PA and Ned was in various places including Brooklyn, PA, and NJ. When we did get together most of the stuff I brought to the table was colored by my newfound interest in Irish and English folk, so fairly mello.

It had been several years but I still hadn't put the LVC session songs on an "album" and they seemed to fit better with the tunes I found myself doing around this time so they're included here.

Todd was learning real recording techniques, but I won't let him forget his praise for my own home made stuff: something along the lines of "I've got the most expensive equipment around and your stuff made on an old Fostex sounds just as good!" Even if that was true, he and Ned's self-titled Tresspassengers album from 2008 blows anything I've ever recorded away.

Only a few copies of this tape were made.