Space Hulk on the Computer!

As a follow up to my previous story about games, I found a couple guys in France that have worked up a computer based version of the Games Workshop game Space Hulk. It’s called QSpacehulk I have not downloaded the game yet to try it out, since the OS X version is hosed somehow (they say on the site), but it does look like it has promise. Hopefully they someone will get the OS X version working before the GW lawyers shut them down! It looks just like what I’ve been hoping someone would put together. There’s a windows version (of course) which I’ll be checking out soon on Cathy’s machine (and I’ll post a follow up on here) as well as multiple flavours of linux, et al. What an awesome board game, lots of good memories of that one! The latest version claims to be network capable (even better!). They admit the network functionality is still beta, but I’d love to be able to get into a game of Space Hulk with some of you guys again!

There was an Electronic Arts computer version of Space Hulk a long time ago (old review here), but although it was a fun game to play (anybody still have it?), they tried to make it into a first-person shoot-em-up missing the beauty of the game’s strength as a table top, figures and dice game.

If anybody out there downloads QSpacehulk, let me know how it goes…

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  1. I still haven’t figured out how to move and fire, and since it doesn’t compile on OS X (I don’t have X windows installed either), I started looking elsewhere to satisfy my Space Hulk jones. I found “SULK” on sourceforge, but I need to install Pygames and I haven’t done that yet.

    Here’s the Sulk homepage

    1. Though it only runs on Windows, this version is pretty well done. I managed to get my Flamer down to the south room on the first board and I torched it twice, but it said I lost the mission! I felt the playability was good, if a little slow (I think its a VB game?) and I managed to move my figures around the board without a problem. The help files (F1) were handy learning to move and fire and turn and fire. I’d rate this one a 9 (can’t be a 10 if I can’t run it on the Mac!), but for the confusion about completing the mission. Hopefully its not a bug!

    2. Download this version for sourceforge. I installed on Cathy’s PC yesterday and Emily and I had a great time trying to complete missions while blips converted into Genestealers all around us. She can’t keep track of command points too well and ends up ‘spending’ too much and not leaving enough to ‘go on overwatch’, but she dealt with the ‘turn based’ paradigm alot better than I thought she would. I’m psyched that she can learn the rules this way, without requiring me to unpack all of the stuff and go through all the set up each time we play.

  2. I saw a thing on up-coming games to be released for Christmas and a new version of Space Hulk for PS2 was in the works. It looked very \’Quake\’. Might be worth checking out though.

    1. I’ve got to admit that the First Person Shooter (FPS) aspects of Quake held me enthralled when I was into that stuff and Ned and I used to have a great time blasting each other, but the things I liked about Space Hulk had more to do with puzzling out the strategy of the game so I’m drawn more to games that re-enact that portion of the gameplay. I miss the tactile aspects of the game like moving pieces on the board and the roll of the dice. I never got into the first Space Hulk computer game because I thought the FPS portion of it was a weak replacement for the excitement of rolling a 6 at the last minute before my auto-cannon was eaten by a genestealer, or the agony of a snake eyes roll causing a bolter jam as your opponent moved 4 blips around the next corner.

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