Space Hulk on the Computer!

As a follow up to my previous story about games, I found a couple guys in France that have worked up a computer based version of the Games Workshop game Space Hulk. It’s called QSpacehulk I have not downloaded the game yet to try it out, since the OS X version is hosed somehow (they say on the site), but it does look like it has promise. Hopefully they someone will get the OS X version working before the GW lawyers shut them down! It looks just like what I’ve been hoping someone would put together. There’s a windows version (of course) which I’ll be checking out soon on Cathy’s machine (and I’ll post a follow up on here) as well as multiple flavours of linux, et al. What an awesome board game, lots of good memories of that one! The latest version claims to be network capable (even better!). They admit the network functionality is still beta, but I’d love to be able to get into a game of Space Hulk with some of you guys again!

There was an Electronic Arts computer version of Space Hulk a long time ago (old review here), but although it was a fun game to play (anybody still have it?), they tried to make it into a first-person shoot-em-up missing the beauty of the game’s strength as a table top, figures and dice game.

If anybody out there downloads QSpacehulk, let me know how it goes…