Egtved Girl

I was reading about the Newgrange excavation (and reconstruction) tonight and I ran across mention of the Bell Beaker Folk. Needing a refresher anyway I ran through the various cultures of Europe from Neolithic times through early Bronze Age until I ran into the Egtved Girl of the Nordic Bronze Age. The Egtved girl, found in a barrow in Denmark, was buried in 1370 BC, and was well preserved.

Egtved Girl clothing reconstruction
Her clothing caused a sensation when her tomb was excavated in 1920. The close fitting sleeves and short skirt seem very modern to me. The Lejre Experimental Centre reconstructed the clothing for the Museum of Denmark, and indeed have reconstructed an entire Iron Age settlement as well for the purposes of living history. This story was also posted to the temporary TdB site, but since I don’t know if we’re keeping that site content yet or not when we go live, I figured I’d put it here too.