Dinosaurs not killed off by asteroid impact?

The theory that the dinosaurs were killed off by the Chicxulub meteor about 65 million years ago may be wrong! I found the article in Time, but Gerta Keller of Princetons Chicxulub page has more details. The findings are apparently not new having been presented in France in 2003 after 10 years of fieldwork. Not sure why Time picked up the story recently unless the findings are only being published now in the Journal of the Geological Society that she and another researcher were able to find just as many species in the 30 ft layer of soil above the infamous iridium layer laid down by the asteroid impact as beneath it at several sites in Mexico suggesting that the impact didn’t kill off any species at all. The mass die off appears to occur above this 30 ft layer, so their research suggests whatever killed off the dinosaurs happened about 300,000 years after the asteroid hit.