Russians are still meddling

Posted on2018-02-16

and we better start doing something about it soon

Here's an NPR story on what the Russian controlled social media army was doing right after the FL school shooting. This is exactly how a couple of my Libertarian friends get all riled up. Every time there is a mass shooting, they start posting about the 2nd amendment or pass around conspiracy theories about how the shooting was faked or that the victims didn't really exist - turns out they are likely just passing around Russian propaganda. How ironic that these warriors for personal liberty may be indirectly working for the Russians.

We need to do something about this asap. Russian meddling didn't start and stop with the election - its ongoing and persistent and private social media companies are enabling the subversion of our democracy. I don't know the best solution - but clearly the current system isn't working (for the good of our country at least).

As An American Tragedy Unfolds, Russian Agents Sow Discord Online