Delaying Obama's supreme court nominee is without precedent

Posted on2017-04-02

Republican legislators successfully rigged the supreme court

The Republican's tactic to delay voting on President Obama's supreme court nominee was without historical precedent. Past presidents made 22 nominations to fill supreme court vacancies in an election year, and another 13 were made in a lame duck session after the election but before the new president was inaugurated! Their excuse was that they wanted to "let the people decide" (in the upcoming election) but the right to pick a supreme court nominee is the president's alone and we only have one president at a time.

This playing politics with the Constitution is likely to become the new normal, and I would like to see charges brought against all the Republicans in the Senate for failing in their duties under the Constitution. I would like to see a Constitutional amendment to mandate that the Senate do their job in a timely manner and vote on nominees. Leaving a vacancy on the supreme court for political purposes seems un-American and even treasonous to me. ...and no, I don't support stone-walling Gorsuch even if I don't agree with him on certain things.

A Brief History of Supreme Court Nominations During a Presidential Election Year by Neil J. Kinkopf, Professor of Law, Georgia State University College of Law; Professor Kinkopf is the faculty adviser for the ACS Student Chapter at GSU College of Law, February 15, 2016 (ACS is the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy)